Sam Craven

Hoopy security frood
seems good

Hi, I’m Sam!

I like to play with technology.

I’ve been working with web technologies since I joined a webhost in 2009. My professional experience centers around web technologies, especially anything that can be run on cPanel/LAMP hosting. In 2017, I started down the security pathway, focusing on intrusion detection.

My personal experience runs the gamut from my first blog (using WordPress on top of cPanel) to my todo list built with custom Python, interacting with the Trello API, running on AWS Lambda, and texting me reminders via Amazon SNS. I’ve even got an Arduino somewhere around here that will scroll a message of your choice onto my hat! If you’d like to see some of my personal projects, check out the #tech tag on my blog.


Does it seem like I might be a good fit for your org? Let’s talk! Send me an email at [email protected] !